For your convenience we offer a variety of lawn care services to meet your specific needs such as weekly and bi-weekly maintenance for residential and commercial properties. Each Mowing includes weedwaking and blowing off all walkways, driveways, flower beds and decks. A nice clean cut. 

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring Clean-ups include cleaning up your property of all debris left from Fall and Winter. We remove the leaves, sticks, nuts, ect. from your beds, grass; drive way and sidewalks. We can do whatever you need to get your property looking clean again.

Fall Cleanups include cleaning up you property of leaves and sticks before winter, we have the the option to take away the leaves by truck load, if needed.


Regular trimming or pruning of your shrubs and trees keeps them in control, healthy and looking great.

Dethatch and Aeration

Dethatching is a effective way to remove that thatch from your yard.
 What is Thatch?
-Thatch is a naturally occurring layer of interconnected dead and living stems, leaves, clippings, roots and debris found between growing grass and the soil under it.
 How does thatch affect my lawn?
- Normal amount of thatch improves turf resiliency when faced with heavy use, drought or high heat because it will hold in extra moisture and shield the soil from the sun. But if it gets thicker than an inch, it impedes the ability of water, fertilizer, air and other nutrients to get to the roots. If thatch dries out, it will decrease the drought resistance of the grass, and if it stays wet, fungi and disease may grow there, which will be hard on grass already declining because of poor access to water and nutrients. A thick layer of thatch makes the lawn more susceptible to pests, unfavorable weather and weeds while also decreasing the effectiveness of regular care and maintenance.

Aerating a lawn is a simple and effective way to improve the health of any lawn.
-Improving drainage & reduce runoff, Controlling thatch development,
-Aeration enhances soil, by opening up compact soil, allowing air, water and fertilizer to reach the turf roots. Making holes in the surface of your lawn, allows deeper root growth and reduces soil compaction. Not only does lawn aerating give you a better looking lawn, but it also thickens the turf and this promotes deeper root growth by allowing the roots to expand on grow deeper into the soil. Clay soil expand when the weather get warm causing the soil to become compacted. Core aeration allows the soil room for expansion

Slice Seeding

Slice seeding replaces deteriorated turf with new, improved, better adapted grasses. By seeding better varieties of seed into the existing lawn, the lawn is improved without the inconvenience and the cost of re-establishing a new lawn. To keep turf healthy and prevent future problems, you need a regular program of fertilizing, mowing, watering, weed and insect control following slice seeding.

Tree Services

We will help to determine what trees need to be removed. When the time arrives that a large tree needs to come down, we are ready to do the work safely and professionally.

Mulching and Planting

Mulch not only makes your garden beautiful, but also helps reduce weed growth and holds moisture for long periods of time, which helps reduce the cost of watering plants. It also keeps the roots cooler for the plants in the hotter months. Annual plants can help bring bold splashes of vibrant colors in pockets or along borders throughout your landscape. There are many combinations and colors to choose from to make your garden come alive. Every year you can have a new look to your garden with annual plantings.

Lawn Treatments

Fertilization is one of the primary lawn care practices that has a major positive impact on lawn appearance Whether your concern is about health or comfort, Ben's Mowing or Raking can help devise a strategy tailored to meet the specific needs of your property . TURF MD Power

Snow Plowing

We offer 24 hour service for winter storms including shoveling.